If you are on Just Dance Wiki Editors Wiki, well, we need rules. This is pretty long but here they are. If you don't follow them, you get the punishment.


  • If you curse multiple times at other users, you get a 2 week ban.
    • If you curse more after that you get an 5 month ban.
      • After that, You are banned for 5 years.

Harassment to Other UsersEdit

  • If you keep harassing users, you get a 3-6 month ban.
    • If you harass an admin or A Wikia Contributor, then you get 2 year ban.
    • If you keep doing it, you get an infinite Ban.

Sexual Or PornographyEdit

  • If You post pornography as a profile pic or picture, you get an infinite ban.

Inappropriate NamesEdit

  • If you create an account with a inappropriate name, you get an infinite ban.

Multiple AccountsEdit

  • If you create an account after you have gotten blocked, both accounts get a 5 year ban.

False InfoEdit

  • If you post false info, you get a 3 month ban.
    • After that, you get a infinite ban.


  • If you keep complaining about being an admin, you get a 1 month ban.


  • If you are posting multiple blog posts that don't make sense, you get a 1 week ban.


  • If you imitate a user, you get an infinite ban.


  • If you keep making pages that should have blogs, you get a 2 year ban.


  • If you are spamming the chat you get a kick.
  • If you are spamming edits, you will get a 2 month ban.